Monday, January 23, 2012

Statement earring tutorial!

Oooof... and now it's Monday! I spent all morning packing to go back to school tomorrow for my last semester at college. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! So after all of that packing I needed some serious tv therapy. I turned on some Pretty Little Liars (why is it that all of the bad shows full of not-so-intelligent girls are really addictive?) and saw something really awesome- a flashy pair of tassel earrings, full of bold yet natural colors. I really loved them because while they are larger than most earrings I wear, the fact that they were beaded and using more natural colors really appealed to me. I unfortunately couldn't find a picture of the original pair that I saw on the show, but here is my version!

Slammin' statement earrings!
You will need:
-thin needle
-assortment of seed beads and bugle beads, about 6 different colors ( I used neutral colors, but use whatever you think would look fabulous!)
-cone beads (I use the Blue Moon brand, shown below)
-crimp beads
-needle nose pliers
-earring wires

First, these are the cone beads I'm talking about:

So let's begin! Take a long piece of string, about 12 inches. Then string on 6.5 inches of your first color of beads. For some of the strands, I used multiple colors and created a fun pattern. Repeat with all of your beads, stopping when you have a total of 5 strands. 

Take each strand and fold it over so the beads are aligned, making sure there aren't any large gaps in between the beads.

Then put all of your strands together, making sure all of the beads are aligned at the top of the strands.

Tie a knot directly above the top of the strands of beads.

Next, thread a crimp bead and then an earring wire onto the strings.

Fold over the strings, and pass all of them through the crimp bead a second time, this time from top to the bottom of the earring. Make sure to get ALL of the strings through the crimp bead!

Pull the thread so the cone bead covers the top of the tassel and the crimp bead and earring wire are directly above the top of the cone. When you are satisfied with how your earring looks, use your needle nose pliers to crimp the crimp beads. Then thread the strings down through the bead and cut the strings that are sticking out of the bottom of the cone bead. Your earrings should look like this:

Then make a second pair, try them on, and get ready to get some major compliments for your cool earrings!

Well, I hope that your Monday as going as well as a Monday can! The next time I write I will be back at school, slaving away on 25 page long Spanish papers. Woooo! Bring it on- just give me my diploma!!

*Please only use this tutorial to make fabulous earrings for yourself or as gifts. Please do not commit a crafting faux pas and sell them!

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