Friday, March 2, 2012

Rise and shine!

So we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But sometimes breakfast food can get a little boring, especially if you're like me and you aren't a morning person. I am so focused on that pot of coffee brewing that I pretty much eat the same bowl of cereal every single morning. But sometimes I want nothing more than a nice steaming bowl of oatmeal, which is literally the healthiest thing you can eat for breakfast. But let's face it- those instant oatmeal packs are loaded with sugar, and plain oatmeal is too blah. Thankfully, I discovered steel cut oats. They are delicious!!!! Steel cut oats have this amazing texture, and a lovely nutty taste that I cannot get enough of. However, the cooking time is a bit long... try 30 minutes. I can barely get myself out of bed and into clothing when that alarm goes off at 7 every morning (wooo 8 am classes!), so I am certainly not going to spend that long making oatmeal. After some internet browsing, I came up with something great... crockpot steel cut oats! Turn these on before you go to bed, and wake up to an awesome bowl of oatmeal that is chock full of nutrients and happy things such as fiber!

You will need...
- a crock pot
- PAM or other type of cooking spray
- 1/2 cup steel cut oats
- 1 cup water
- 1 cup skim milk
- topping of your choice

1. Spray the inside of the crockpot with the Pam. This will help out when it's clean up time, trust me!
2. Add oats, water, and milk to the pot and stir.

3. Put on low right before bed (give it at least 6 hours)

4. Scoop it out and enjoy! Serves 2

A note on toppings... all of these internet sites told me to put a little pat of butter on my oatmeal in the morning. I thought "what? That sounds so gross!" But really... every single site! I decided to trust them, so I put a little pat of unsalted butter on my oatmeal (maybe 1/2 tbsp). It was so good! It enhanced the nutty flavor of the oats, and honestly... if you're eating something this healthy, a smidge of butter is totally ok when it adds this much flavor. I also love adding walnuts and blueberries, which according to is a perfect balance of nutrients to start your day! So go crank on your crockpot and get some oatmeal going!

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