Monday, August 12, 2013

Mainely Mondays #1

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend! My boyfriend Matt and I decided that now that we've moved back to Maine, we really want to get out there and see everything that makes Maine awesome. Right now we're planning a camping trip in Bar Harbor for our vacation the first week of September. I need a vacation so badly, and we've been wanting to go back to Bar Harbor since we went to a beautiful fall wedding there. This weekend we headed over to the Old Port in Portland, a part of the city I am very familiar with as I went to high school within walking distance of it. Unfortunately, my iphone decided to totally malfunction and I either couldn't take pictures or I lost the ones that I had taken. After a night of being turned off, it is totally fine but I am bummed about losing all of my pictures of our fun day! Anyways, we started off our day by walking around and going to several different shops...

1. Longfellow Books
This is an awesome little independent bookstore right in Monument square, across the street from the Portland Public Library. They even have a lot of books by local Maine authors, my dad included! Check out their site here and my dad's book here.

2. Z fabrics
This was my first time visiting this store, and let me tell you... it is awesome!!! It was a little bit hard to find, but it is an adorable store packed with amazing fabrics. I literally wanted to buy everything. I did walk away with some goodies for new projects for a craft fair that I have coming up in the fall. If you want unique fabrics and findings, definitely check this place out.

After some shopping we were feeling kind of hungry, so we stopped by our favorite bakery, Standard Bakery. Let me tell you, this place is awesome. I lived in Paris for 4 months during my Junior year in college, and this is the only place I have ever found that has croissants and baguettes that taste like they're just out of my favorite boulangerie. Check them out on Facebook.

So that was our day! Next time I will definitely have pictures to share, as Maine is beautiful and I love to share pictures of my home state.

Have a crafty Monday!

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